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At CarrotHCP we provide an extensive selection of surgical curettes, which includes well-known options such as the GRACEY Curette and the COLUMBIA Curette. These tools are specialized to ensure the removal of tissue is precise in diverse dental procedures, which makes them indispensable tools for dentists who want to achieve the best results.

It is the GRACEY Curette is a widely employed instrument, renowned for its efficacy in removing plaque and calculus beneath the gum line. The unique design of the instrument features the curved blade and an elongated toe that allows an efficient cleansing of the root surfaces as well as pockets in the periodontal. This is why it is particularly effective in treating periodontal problems, as it can get into places that conventional scalers might not be able to reach.

Similar to similarly, the COLUMBIA Curette is a crucial instrument in the dental arsenal. It is highly regarded by dentists for its flexibility and accuracy. With its razor-sharp blade and ergonomically designed handle it is this COLUMBIA Curette enables efficient removal of calculus and other debris from sub- and supragingival surfaces. Its capability to access difficult-to-access locations is ideal for thorough cleaning and root planning.

By utilizing GRACEY or COLUMBIA Curettes into their practices dental professionals can attain top results and maintain the best dental overall health of their clients. These devices not only aid in efficient removal of calculus and plaque but also help improve periodontal health and lower the risk of developing gum disease.

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